Dr. Vivishek Sudhir


Force metrology using quantum correlated light from a room-temperature nanomechanical oscillator


When light is reflected off of a compliant mirror, its phase and amplitude get quantum-correlated. Such correlations of light can be used to perform quantum-enhanced measurements of the position of the mirror, or of weak forces acting on it. Here, we describe a recent experiment where we observed broadband quantum correlations of light due to its interaction with a room-temperature nano-mechanical oscillator. We also demonstrate the ability to enhance the precision with which forces acting on the nanomechanical oscillator is increased due to these quantum correlations.


Vivishek Sudhir is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Tobias Kippenberg, focusing on quantum metrology and precision measurements. He obtained his PhD in the same group, via an experimental demonstration of the most precise measurement of the position of a mechanical oscillator to-date, and the observation of quantum mechanical effects of light on nanomechanical oscillator. Vivishek obtained his master degree before that, in theoretical quantum optics, from Imperial College London.