Dr. Byron Cheatham


Innovative Methods for Advancing Drug Discovery with Optical Spectroscopy


Nanoparticles are rapidly developing as effective tools for improving targeted delivery of approved drugs, photothermal therapy and imaging diagnostics. Often referred to as theranostic therapies, their effective development requires the ability to efficiently observe and spectrally characterize these nano-scale materials in a wide range of in-vivo and ex-vivo environments.
CytoViva, Inc. provides patented (US patents No. 7,542,203, 7,564,623) enhanced darkfield optical microscopy that is integrated with proprietary hyperspectral imaging. This integrated optical and spectral imaging technology is specifically designed to provide fast and effective insight regarding the consistency and efficacy of these nano theranostic therapies in their targeted environment.
This overview will provide specific application examples, illustrating how this technology is advancing nano theranostic research and development, among the more than 300 systems deployed world-wide.


Mr. Cheatham has led the international market development efforts for CytoViva technologies since the company’s inception in 2005. During this time, he has overseen the deployment of imaging systems into hundreds of nano research laboratories worldwide. Mr. Cheatham also plays an active role in ongoing product development initiatives within the company.
Byron has held senior leadership positions in multiple technology development organizations in scientific imaging and related industries during the past 25 years.