Ms. Burcu Zijlstra
stat peel AG


Measurement and monitoring of nanohazards in the workplace


"Today’s advances in man-made nanomaterials pose new and unprecedented health risks. Due to their small size, nanomaterials can easily become airborne and bypass the first clearance mechanisms of the human airways as they get inhaled. The risk of prolonged exposure is especially high in occupational settings where the materials are synthesized and embedded into matrices.
Here, we take the example of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and present their current status in terms of occupational exposure. We stress the importance of material-specific, long-term exposure monitoring and present a solution for measuring occupational exposure to CNTs in the form of a wearable personal sampler badge and bench-top integrated reader for user-friendly inspection of samples based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.


Burcu Celikkol Zijlstra is the Chief Health Officer in Stat Peel AG since 2015. She studied Materials Science and Engineering in Istanbul Technical University and received her MSc at the EPFL. At Stat Peel, she is involved in research and product development.