Swiss NanoConvention 2018 – Poster Program

1 Bottom-up fabrication of graphene nanoribbons: From molecules to devices Gabriela Borin Barin Empa, Switzerland
2 The Safe-by-Design concept and its application in industrial innovation processes Blanca Suarez-Merino TEMAS AG, Switzerland
3 Oxidation kinetics of thin Cu films by in-situ resistance measurements Yeliz Unutulmazsoy Empa, Switzerland
4 Highly-energetic Al/CuO thermites through nanoparticle composites for reactive joining applications Lars Dörner Empa, Switzerland
5 Biodegradable Polymer/Nano Additive Compounds for Textile Applications Figen Selli Empa, Switzerland
6 Substrate purity effect on the defect formation and properties of amorphous anodic barrier Al2O3 Mirian Gonzalez-Castano Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technologie, Switzerland
7 Microstructural design of nano-multilayers for advanced joining applications Bastian Rheingans Empa, Switzerland
8 Synthesis and adaptation of nanocellulose-based water dispersion for inkjet security printing Elena Eremeeva ITMO University, Russia
9 One and two-dimensional nanomaterial platform for energy and environmental application. Mengmeng Deng ETHZ, Switzerland
10 Towards understanding the fundamentals of icephobic road surfaces Farrokh Tarpoudi Baheri EMPA and ETH Zurich, Switzerland
11 NFFA-Europe: enhancing European competitiveness in
nanoscience research and innovation
Dimitrios Kazazis Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
12 Optical plasmonic nanostructures for enhanced photochemistry Luc Driencourt CSEM/Universität Basel, Switzerland
13 Characterization of nano-TiO2 in commercial sunscreens via Inverse Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation Florian Meier Postnova Analytics GmbH, Germany
14 Carbon fibre-carbon nanotube multiscale composites - nanoengineering of the fibre surface for protection in extreme processing conditions Wojciech Szmyt FHNW/SNI, Switzerland
15 Nano-Bio Hybrid Structures in Multi-Enzymatic Biofuel Cell Assemblies Katharina Herkendell Nanotechnology Group, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
16 Temperature Dependent Quasimolten Crystallinity of sub-nm Pt and Au Clusters Observed in 3D by Dynamic Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Trond Henninen Empa/ETH, Switzerland
17 NanoFrazor Lithography and its applications Tero Kulmala SwissLitho AG, Switzerland
18 Characterization of nanomaterials for risk assessment – a tiered approach Loic Burr CSEM SA, Switzerland
19 Tb3+-doped nanoparticles for correlative cathodoluminescence electron microscopy bioimaging Kerda Keevend Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), Switzerland
20 THz nano-gap hybrid LC metasurface ultra-strongly coupled to less than 100 electrons Janine Keller ETH Zürich, Switzerland
21 Fabrication of 3D Micromolds in Positive Resist by Direct Laser Writing for Electroplating Anja Weber ETH Zurch / Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
22 Ligand-mediated growth of CdSe nanoparticles Pius M. Theiler ETH Zürich Nanotechnology Group, Switzerland
23 Electronic and thermal characterization of the same nanowire device by scanning probe microscopy Tino Wagner ETH Zürich, Switzerland
24 Magneto-Mechanica Materials Paolo Testa ETH Zurich - Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
25 Tunable nanoscale defect cavities for exciton-polariton condensates at room temperature Darius Urbonas IBM Research Zurich, Switzerland
26 Direct Bioelectrocatalysis in Mesopores and its Applicability to Enzymatically “Plugged in” Anodes in Biofuel Cells. Alexander Trifonov ETH Zurich, Switzerland
27 Coherent diffraction imaging for EUV mask inspection Sara Fernandez Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
28 Self-Calibrating Mechanochromic Fluorescent Polymers Based on Encapsulated Excimer-Forming Dyes Céline Calvino Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
29 One-component polymer nanocomposites based on hairy cellulose nanocrystals Sandra Wohlhauser Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
30 High-resolution Si nanostructures with high aspect ratios using pattern transfer via Fullerene-based spin-on-carbon hard masks Li-Ting Tseng Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
31 Effects of heterogeneous distribution of cellulose nanomaterials in a rubbery block copolymer matrix on water permeability Aristotelis Kamtsikakis Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
32 Process flow optimization for the fabrication of carbon nanotube field effect transistor gas sensors Sebastian Eberle ETH Zürich, Micro- & Nanosystems, Switzerland
33 Raman spectroscopy for detection of the processing impacts onto Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube characteristics in sensor fabrication Miroslav Haluska Micro and Nanosystems, DMAVT ETH Zurich, Switzerland
34 Acoustophoretic manipulation of particles, droplets, and whole organisms Michael Gerlt ETH Zurich, Switzerland
35 Superfluorescence from Caesium Lead Halide Perovskite Quantum Dot Superlattices Michael A. Becker IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
36 Selective End-group Modification of Cellulose Nanocrystals towards Symmetric and Asymmetric Twisted Nanorods Gwenn Delepierre Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
37 Geometric confinement biases enantiomorph formation of prochiral molecules at the liquid/solid interface Johannes Seibel KU Leuven, Belgium
38 A Microfluidic Flow Cell for Covalent Modification of HOPG Yuanzhi Xia KU Leuven, Belgium
39 Chiral Macrocyclic Terpyridine Complexes Thomas Brandl University of Basel, Switzerland
40 Calcium mitigates adhesion in highly saline reservoir fluids Nancy Burnham WPI Physics Department, United States
41 Monolithically integrated InGaAs microdisk lasers on silicon using template-assisted selective epitaxy Svenja Mauthe IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
42 X-ray linear dichroism used to probe the antiferromagnetic properties of individual polycrystalline goethite nanoparticles David M. Bracher Pauls Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
43 Metasurfaces Of Barium Titanate As Filters In The Visible Range Flavia Timpu Institute for Quantum Electronics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
44 Metal Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon: a new enabling technology for high aspect ratio nanostuctures Lucia Romano ETH Zurich & PSI, Switzerland
45 Large area small pitch gratings for x-ray imaging by Displacement Talbot Lithography Konstantins Jefimovs Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
46 Zero-dimensional exciton-polariton condensate in tunable Gaussian shaped microcavities at ambient conditions Fabio Scafirimuto IBM Research-Zurich, Switzerland
47 Adhesive Clamping Instability in Carbon Nanotube Resonators Lalit Kumar ETH ZURICH, Switzerland
48 PAcrAm - a multimodal polymer enabling selective surface functionalization for biosensing Samuele Tosatti SuSoS AG, Switzerland
49 Heat transport through single atomic contacts Nico Mosso IBM Research, Switzerland
50 Insights into incipient soot formation from high-resolution atomic force microscopy Fabian Schulz IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
51 Organic linker molecules designed to provide regional control over MOF growth. David Vogel University of Basel, Switzerland
52 Zinc-blende and wurtzite phase formation in indium phosphide nanostructures grown by template-assisted selective epitaxy Philipp Staudinger IBM Research Zurich, Switzerland
53 Selective post-processing of suspended carbon nanotubes for resonant and gas sensing Laura Vera Jenni Micro and Nanosystems, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
54 GaSb and InGaAs Integration on Si Using Selective Epitaxy in Oxide Cavities for Low-Power Electronics Clarissa Convertino IBM Research, Switzerland
55 Morphological and magnetic characterization of cobalt nanoparticles under controlled oxidation using XPEEM and HR-TEM Jaianth Vijayakumar Swiss light source, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, Switzerland
56 Gold Nanoparticle Dimers via Acetylene Homocoupling E. Henrik Peters Universität Basel, Switzerland
57 Reorganization energy of single molecules on an insulating film measured by atomic force microscopy Shadi Fatayer IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
58 Artificial protein coronas for nanoparticle toxicology Ruben Ramalho Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
59 Exploring a Potential Nanofertilizer: Effects of Silica Nanoparticles on Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Fabienne Schwab Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
60 Designing two-dimensional highly crystalline and self-standing organic layers based on calix[4]arenes Mina Moradi SNI PhD school, Switzerland
61 Demonstration of femtosecond time-resolved X-ray diffraction on protein crystals Nadia Opara UniBasel/PSI/SNI, Switzerland
62 Wide Range of Functionalized Poly(acrylamide)-based Amphiphilic Polymer Conetworks via Active Ester Precursors Sebastian Ulrich Empa, Switzerland
63 Nanoscale Thermometry by Scanning Thermal Microscopy Fabian Koenemann IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
64 Development of a membrane-based AFM David Hälg ETH, Switzerland
65 Accessing Intrinsic Molecular Functionality via Molecular Monolayer Devices Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann IBM ZRL / Uni Basel, Switzerland
66 Growth kinetics of reaction layers in solid-gas reactions Zoltán Balogh-Michels Empa, Center for X-ray Analytics, Switzerland
67 Single spin magnetometry at mK-temperatures for the investigation of strongly correlated electron systems Marcelli Grimau Puigibert University of Basel, Switzerland
68 Deterministic enhancement of coherent photon generation from a nitrogen-vacancy centre in ultrapure diamond Daniel Riedel University of Basel, Switzerland