Dr Patrick Galliker
Scrona AG


Overcoming paradigms with EHD printing


Scrona's NanoDrip printing uses the power of electrohydrodynamic (EHD) ejection, a well-known but largely unused concept in the printing world. NanoDrip printing achieves sub-micron printing resolution, allows 3D structuring and incredible placement precision. However, for decades, a major unsolved issue with any EHD-based printing technology was the complete absence of a scalability concept.
At Scrona, for the first time, we have overcome this technology-boundary by the successful realization of a multinozzle print head platform. By having nozzles assembled at mutual distances of a few tens of micrometers current prototypes already allow simultaneous printing from thousands of nozzles, with the potential to increase this number to the millions.
The unseen combination of resolution and throughput inherent to Scrona's multinozzle NanoDrip print heads will mark new avenues in the production of next-generation printed electronics.


Patrick Galliker studied Nanosciences at the University of Basel and has later received his PhD from ETH Zurich. Concurrently to his PhD studies Dr. Galliker has also received an MAS degree form ETH Zurich in Business and Economics.
Dr. Galliker is one of the founders of Scrona and in his position as CEO he was not only instrumental to technology development but has also received several business awards and recognitions, like participation in the prestigious Venture Leaders program.

For his company he has created partnership opportunities with some of the world's largest companies, has raised almost 2 million Swiss Francs in funding from investors and has helped creating one of the most successful Swiss Kickstarter campaigns in the technology sector.