Dr Harry Heinzelmann
CSEM, VP, Chief Technology Officer


Technology Transfer needs Partnerships


Technological innovation and transfer to industry is a challenging task that requires considerable time and effort. Scientific findings often need many years of further development, optimization of fabrication processes, and characterization and validation, before they can be considered for commercialization.

Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) like CSEM are in constant exchange witch academic institutions and aim to mature scientific results into solid technology platforms. In collaboration with industrial partners, these technologies are then further developed in application specific ways, leading to innovative products and solutions in the market place.


Harry Heinzelmann graduated in solid state physics from the University of Basel. His PhD thesis was one of the first in the field of Atomic Force Microscopy, an instrumental method that was at the very beginning of nanotechnology. He then joined the IBM Research Laboratories in Almaden, CA, USA, and in Rüschlikon, ZH, for postdoctoral appointments.

In 1998 Harry Heinzelmann started at the CSEM in Neuchâtel to build up a Nanotechnology department, which he led until 2014. Since then he is CTO of CSEM. Harry Heinzelmann has been teaching at universities and acting as thesis advisor and expert for Swiss and international funding agencies. He pursued the International Executive Program at INSEAD and is a member of the Executive Board of EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations.