Dr. Felix Beyeler
CEO, FemtoTools AG


Micromechanical Testing of NEMS, Nanostructures and Materials


The ongoing miniaturization trend creates a demand for mechanical testing at the microscale and nanoscale. Based on the research project with ETH Z├╝rich and NTB, we have developed the world highest resolution nanoindenter for mechanical testing inside a scanning electron microscope. The proprietary MEMS-based sensing head is a highly disruptive technology in the fields of ultra-shallow nanoindentation and high-frequency continuous stiffness measurement (CSM).


Felix Beyeler studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. During the subsequent Ph.D. at the Multi-Scale Robotic Lab (MSRL) at ETH he focused on the development of novel MEMS-based mechanical testing systems.
Based on the results of his Ph.D. thesis, Felix co-founded the spin-off FemtoTools AG. As CEO of FemtoTools he is growing the company to strengthen its position as technology leader in MEMS-based nanoindentation.