Prof. Fritz Bircher
iPrint Institute - HES-SO Fribourg


Roundtable discussion Innovation and manufacturing at the nanoscale


No abstract for Roundtable Discussion.

To see Prof. Bircher's abstract for his talk "Advanced manufacturing by inkjet", please see here.


Fritz Bircher studied electrical engineering at ETH Zurich. After graduating he worked as an R&D engineer for different companies developing mechatronic system solutions. In 1993 he was appointed professor at Berne University of Applied Sciences, where he started his research in inkjet printing, studying and exploring all possible jetting and dispensing principles with all kinds of materials in a wide range of applications. In 2012 he joined the School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg, member of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, where he founded the iPrint Institute for Printing located on the Marly Innovation Center. Fritz’s main research interests based on inkjet printing include packaging printing, direct-to-shape printing, material printing including 3D printing and bio printing.

Fritz is the founder of the world’s most important inkjet training center in Marly. He is also at the origin of TheIJC – the international inkjet conference - held annually in Düsseldorf and Chicago, where he is the chair of the scientific committee.