Mr. Bruno Studach
Operational Director of M2C, IMT – EPFL, Neuchâtel


Roundtable discussion Innovation and manufacturing at the nanoscale


No abstract for Roundtable Discussion.


Bruno is a micromechanical engineer from EPFL and holds an EMBA from IMD Lausanne. His has multidisciplinary industrial background acquired in R&D and management positions in industries active in precision mechanics for space applications, pharma and Medtech and high-end miniature electromechanical drives and systems.

He recently joined the IMT in Neuchâtel where he is in charge, with academic and industrial partners, of setting up the microengineering science and engineering center (M2C). The center is a technology platform and a competence center dedicated to enabling, developing, integrating and transferring advanced manufacturing technologies, including high-precision 3D printing, from academia to the swiss microengineering industry.