Swiss NanoConvention 2022 – Poster Program

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Last updated on June 9, 2022.

10 Experimental method to distinguish between a solution and a suspension Xufeng Xu EPFL, Switzerland
11 3D printing of rigid photonic microparticles Pauline PRADAL EPFL, Switzerland
12 Enhancing cellular uptake of silica nanoparticles upon stimulation with epidermal growth factor Eva Susnik Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
13 Physicochemical characteristics of the iron-carbohydrate complexes, Venofer and an approved iron sucrose generic Beat Flühmann Vifor Pharma Group, Switzerland
14 Modulated 3D Cross-Correlation Dynamic Light Scattering for Optical Biosensing and Time-Dependent Monitoring of Nanoparticle-Biofluid Interactions Silvia Schintke HEIG-VD/HES-SO University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Switzerland
15 Advanced Dynamic Light Scattering and its Application to Life Sciences Coline Bretz LS INSTRUMENTS AG, Switzerland
16 Fluid Menisci and In Vitro Particle Dosimetry of Submerged Cells Christina Glaubitz Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
17 Neuronal growth on high-aspect-ratio diamond nanopillar arrays for NV biosensing Arnaud Michel André Jollivet EPFL, Switzerland
19 Multiscale MOF architecture with porosity control for wearable sweat sensing Lars Lüder Empa, Switzerland
20 Ion-mediated charge-charge interactions drive aggregation of surface-functionalized gold nanoparticles Emanuele Petretto University of Fribourg, Switzerland
21 Co-assembly of lead halide perovskite nanocubes with spherical, truncated cubic, and disk-shaped nanocrystals Ihor Cherniukh Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland
22 LAMPO - A new Low-cost Aquatic MicroPlastic Observation system for ocean monitoring aboard ships Peter Cristofolini CSEM, Switzerland
23 In-Depth Characterization of Nanometer-Sized Silicon Nitride Membranes for Functional Human Epithelial Tissue Models Sandeep Keshavan Adolphe Merkle Institute Université de Fribourg, Switzerland
24 Fabrication of disposable facemask filters through electrospinning and meltspinning of a biodegradable PEA polymer: PublicMask Stefan Hengsberger Haute école d'ingénierie et d'architecture de Fribourg, Switzerland
25 Macrophage phenotype-dependent interaction with gold nanoparticles Henry Lee Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
26 Characterizing viscoelasticity with high frequency range and resolution Denis Vasyukov Nanosurf AG, Switzerland
27 Fabrication and Characterization of VO2 Films for Novel Computing Applications Roy Bernini IBM and ETH, Switzerland
28 AiiDAlab applications for modelling molecular systems on surfaces. Carlo Antonio Pignedoli Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland
29 In-situ sub-nanoscale controlled synthesis of metal oxide nanostructures with carbon nanovessels Pierrick Clément CSEM SA, Switzerland
30 Selectively permeable microcapsules Chuen-Ru Li EPFL, Switzerland
31 Variations of nanoparticles colocalization with mouse macrophage lysosomes with live-cell imaging Aura Maria Moreno Echeverri university of fribourg, Switzerland
32 Optical Constants and Deep UV Lithography Patterning of Phase Change Materials for Non-Volatile Reconfigurable Silicon Photonics Hernán Furci EPFL, Switzerland
33 Waveguide coupled photonic crystal cavities for Photonic Integrated Circuits Balz Hedinger IBM Research Europe - Zurich, Switzerland
34 Monocrystalline Plasmonic Nanostructures for hot carrier photochemistry Fatemeh Kiani EPFL, Switzerland
35 Patterning of NbTi thin films on sapphire for superconducting microwave resonators André Chatel EPFL, Switzerland
36 Stable colours: how order and scale geometry make Sternotomini longhorn beetles angle-independent Viola Bauernfeind Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Switzerland
37 Grayscale nanolithography for 2D material-based devices Berke Erbas EPFL, Switzerland
38 Synthesis of Non-spherical Polymer Particles Using the Activated Swelling Method Giovanni Russo University of Fribourg, Switzerland
39 Additive manufacturing of polymer biocompatible micro- and mesofluidic devices Florent Boudoire CSEM, Switzerland
40 Engineered particle surfaces for responsive biointerfaces Aaron Lee Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
41 FIB-SEM tomography to characterize the dispersion of nanoparticles in epoxy resins Phattadon Yajan Adolphe Merkle Institute (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Switzerland
42 Amino acid-specific detection of peptides using aptamer-functionalized interface nanopores Tilman Schlotter ETH Zürich, Switzerland
43 Surface study of the ferroelectric Rashba semiconductor GeTe at the Photoemission and Atomic Resolution Laboratory (PEARL) Martin Heinrich Paul Scherrer Institute/University of Basel, Switzerland
44 Liposomal targeted drug delivery to pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma. Dzhangar Dzhumashev Bern University Hospital, Switzerland
45 Scalable fabrication of nanogap electrodes on stretchable substrates by capillary-assisted particle assembly Henry S.C. Yu Microsystems laboratory, EPFL, Switerland
46 Illuminating the structure of iron carbohydrates in complex biological environments Leonard Krupnik Empa / Uni Fribourg, Switzerland
47 Metal 3D Printing at the Nanoscale
with Meniscus Confined Electrodeposition
Julian Hengsteler ETH Zürich, Switzerland
48 Synthesis of polymeric particles with multiple lobes Kata Dorbic Department of Chemistry, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
49 Top-down fabrication of complex nanophotonic lasers in III-Vs on insulator Jakub Dranczewski IBM Research Europe - Zurich, Switzerland
50 Batch versus continuous flow process in the synthesis of tin nanoparticles Hugo Pétremand HES-SO, Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et d'Architecture Fribourg, Switzerland
51 FIB-SEM: Volumetric imaging at the nanoscale Kenza Djeghdi Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland
52 Grayscale e-beam lithography and injection molding for the fabrication of 3D nanofluidic devices Thomas Mortelmans Swiss Nanoscience Institute, Switzerland
53 Flexible PMMA Stencil Lithography for 2D Materials Contacting Xia Liu École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
54 Redox-active nanopores for protein sensing Yves Mermoud Institute for Microtechnology and Photonics, OST, Switzerland
55 Dopant patterning using monolayer doping and EUV interference lithography Prajith Karadan Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
56 Single-digit nanometer EUV interference lithography Iason Giannopoulos Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
57 Ultrasound actuated acoustic rotors in air and in water: from protein crystallography to mechanobiology applications Shichao Jia Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
58 Guanine molecule electronic fingerprint via graphene nanoribbon edge functionalization on Au(111) surface Amirreza Ghassami MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University, Sweden
59 Functionalized Polymer Brush Structures for Point-Of-Care Diagnostics of DNA and RNA Celestino Padeste Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
60 Spinal cord-derived extracellular matrix scaffolds promote neuronal regeneration Lena Mungenast University of applied sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Switzerland
61 Fixed-Targets for Serial Protein Crystallography at SwissFEL Melissa Carrillo Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
62 High-speed, selective assembly of ultraclean nanostructures Seoho Jung ETH Zurich, Switzerland
63 Analysis of iron-oxide nanoparticles for photothermal therapy applications Rahul Singha University of Zurich, Switzerland