Simon MacKenzie


Revolutionizing Drug Discovery – microfluidics, organoids and 3D Bioprinting


REGENHU is a pioneer in developing the world of 3D Bioprinting, providing technologies that enable our users to develop solutions in tissue engineering, organ replacement and the creation of human disease models for drug discovery. Advancements in these areas are becoming reality through progress in 3D bioprinting and associated technologies. In my talk I will present an overview of some of these technology developments, and how they are revolutionizing the way new drugs will be developed, and the potential to revolutionize medicine itself.


I am the CEO of REGENHU, an engineering pioneer of 3D bioprinting, and supplier of bioprinters and the ongoing support required to enable our users to achieve their research goals.
I have more than 20 years experience in business and scientific roles in Pharma, Biotech, Academia and start-up organisations in Japan, the UK, Europe and the US, and have been involved in drug discovery projects in many therapeutic areas, iPSC based cellular assay development, and biomaterials.