Daniel Steitz
novoMOF AG


Process integration of the super-adsorbent of the 21st century: metal-organic frameworks for market-driven prototyping success.


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have received tremendous attention since their discovery two decades ago. Many publications have appeared, which praise their unprecedented properties, performances and versatility for a range of applications. Hence, there is a great potential for MOF-based products and applications for market-entry. However, to achieve this a robust process integration strategy is required.

Two advanced MOF prototypes are evaluated within the real-world consumer applications of water adsorption and CO2 capture; where the process from material evaluation to prototyping success will be highlighted. Methodologies and challenges are presented on the application-specific selection of MOFs, the production and shaping at scale, performance optimization and the building of an industrial, operational prototype.

In early on-site testing, CO2 capture rates were improved by 50% between 1st and 3rd prototype iterations and the performance has surpassed conventional materials. Further optimization work is ongoing and it is expected that the exciting potential of MOF-based devices will soon be realized.


Daniel is founder and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of novoMOF AG. He holds a master degree in Chemical and Bioengineering from ETH Zurich. Since 2017, he is driving the commercialization of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) into industrial applications.