Prof. Dr. Cristina Benea-Chelmus
Hybrid Photonics Laboratory, EPFL


Integrated photonic transducers


This talk will highlight opportunities for terahertz and microwave science and technology from transduction inside nonlinear integrated photonic circuits that are becoming increasingly accessible. Two platforms - hybrid silicon-organic and thin film lithium niobate – are emerging as leading platforms since they provide unprecedented design flexibility through custom-cut chip-scale components such as waveguides, resonators and terahertz antennas in combination with low-loss and high-performance nonlinear materials..


Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus is an Assistant Professor of Microengineering at the Institute of Electro and Microengineering at EPFL since January 2022. She is also a Research Associate affiliated with the group of Prof. Federico Capasso at Harvard University.

Her laboratory at EPFL tackles questions revolving around quantum sensing and metrology on ultra-fast time-scales and generation and synthesis of far-infrared waveforms at will. For this, we research coherent electro-optic interfaces with the latest integrated photonics technology and nano-optics.