Dr. Florian Döring, MBA
CEO, Xrnanotech


Nanostructured Diffractive Optics – New Opportunities at Small Wavelengths


X-rays are powerful tools for investigating new materials and biological specimens. Their high penetration depth and chemical sensitivity allow for unique insights into nanostructures and complex samples. We will showcase recent developments in fabricating diffractive optics, such as ultra-high resolution lenses, blazed gratings and transmission achromatic optics. We will also highlight advancements in our startup company, XRnanotech, towards increasing the performance and applicability of diffractive optics.


Dr. Florian Döring is the CEO of XRnanotech, the leading company in the field of X-ray optics in Switzerland. Prior to joining XRnanotech, Dr. Döring did a PostDoc at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) after graduating with a PhD from the University in Göttingen, Germany, where he studied materials physics on the nanoscale. He has published numerous research papers in renowned scientific journals and presented his work internationally. Under his leadership, XRnanotech has become a successful player in the X-ray optics market and continues to push the boundaries of technology.