Dr. Andreas Hogg
CEO, Coat-X SA


Innovative parylene based PECVD/ALD multilayer with optimized surface functionality based on nanomaterials


Coat-X, a Swiss company, is a leading solution provider for critical impermeability issues and expert in thin-film encapsulation. Coat-X’s innovative encapsulation technology provides a high-quality solution in form of a thin (< 10 µm), biocompatible and multilayered coating to protect critical components, MEMS structures, sensors, magnets and others. The company provides an ultrathin layer coating to protect all sorts of electronics, microsystems, and other components for medical and other industrial devices against corrosion and humidity caused by harsh environmental conditions.
The goal of the technology is to replace the conventional metal or glass encapsulation by a thin film coating composed of Parylene and ceramics thin films in the nanometer scale in order to further miniaturize the devices and lower costs. This thin-film encapsulation has been CE certified for medical devices validated by several clinical studies on implantable medical devices in collaboration with a large medical device manufacturers and other industrial applications.
These novel combined chemical vapor deposition processes constitutes the core know-how of the company and its unique thin-film encapsulation competence. It allows a deposition at room-temperature and can be applied seamlessly to complex 3D components. Based on ceramics and Parylene, the multilayer provides a tightness which is 2000 times better compared to a traditional Parylene coatings within a range from 1 to 10 µm layer thickness.
The new multilayer systems were tested for helium gas tightness according to the packaging standard MIL-STD-883 and for water vapor according to ASTM Standard F 1249. Very low Water vapor transmission rates of water transmission rate of 3 × 10 -4 g / m 2 / day (38 ° C, 90% RH) for a 5 µm thick multilayer system where measured and it could be proven that a multilayer system of 5 µm achieves the criterion for long-term leak-tightness.


Andreas Hogg earned an engineering diploma in Microtechnology, and his MSc and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Bern. He worked during several years as development engineer at the company Johnson & Johnson. Since 2014, he taught and led a R&D group at the university of applied sciences He-Arc, which was focused on thin-film technologies. In 2016 Mr. Hogg founded the Company Coat-X. In 2020 COAT-X won the 2020 Swiss Medtech Award for its innovative hermetic multilayer technology.