Marco Nordmann
Qnami AG


Qnami ProteusQ: A commercial solution unlocking magnetic field measurments in nanoscale magnetic materials


The ability to resolve minute magnetic fields with nanoscale resolution makes scanning NV magnetometry an intriguing tool to analyze magnetic defects in various materials. In this talk we discuss the capabilities of scanning NV magnetometry in applications to characterize nano magnets used for Silicon Spin Qubit and spintronic devices. We elaborate on the recent progress in the field and reveal potential future applications of scanning NV magnetometry. Finally, we discuss the specs of Qnami ProteusQ, the first commercially available scanning NV magnetometer, in the context of new energy efficient memory devices.


With a Physics degree from the University of Magdeburg (Condensed Matter), Marco has a background in electron microscopy and material science, as well as 12 years of experience in nano positioning and synchrotron instrumentation. As Product Director, Marco's focus is on ensuring the success of Qnami's instrument product line, collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure that the products meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.