*** Keynote Speaker ***

Silke Traut
COO, Dectris Ltd


Single X-Ray Photon and Electron Counting: Pushing the limits of detection technology


DECTRIS is a successful and growing hightech company that develops and manufactures X-ray and electron cameras to spark scientific breakthroughs around the world. While photographic cameras capture visible light, DECTRIS cameras count individual X-ray photons and electrons. High frame rates, low noise and high dynamic range as well as spatial and energy resolution enable a wide range of applications: Fom the structural analysis of proteins via medical diagnosis to material science.
Several key technologies are necessary to push the limits of detection technology: New sensor materials and concepts, high speed signal readout chains, 3D integration technologies as well as algorithms or potentially AI.
To access and implement new technologies, close collaboration with universities for technology development as well as the scientific community for testing the value of new detectors within their environment is necessary. To this end, national and international funded projects serve as a crucial incubator for nurturing novel ideas.


As a Chief Operating Officer (COO), Silke Traut brings more than 20 years of industrial experience in technology development and production. Her teams translate the latest developments of the worlds fastest X-ray cameras into industrial production. After her Masters Degree in Applied Physics at UMass Lowell she worked in micro-optics and thin-film technology for a few years. She then joined the semiconductor GaAs laser industry for 13 years to work on process technology development. Since 2011 she is with DECTRIS, leading different teams and projects.