*** Keynote Speaker ***

Dr. Cezar Zota
IBM Research, Rüschlikon


Cryogenic electronics for quantum computing


IBM recently unveiled plans to realize a 100,000-qubit quantum computer by 2033 [1]. Scaling quantum computers is a matter of advancing both qubit technology and the supporting control and readout infrastructure. The usage of cryogenic electronics can be a key enabler for future scalable electronics supporting quantum computers. This talk will cover the efforts at IBM Research – Zurich in this field.

The approach is to integrate electronics inside the cryostat, at various temperature stages, that can supply key functionalities in a compact and energy-efficient manner. Understanding and leveraging the unique features of cryogenic operation of semiconductor electronics is here important to minimize energy-consumption. This requires not only comprehensive models for devices at low temperatures, but also tailored device and circuit designs. IBM Research – Zurich has in this area been active in cryogenic transistor modeling, Si CMOS design, as well as exploration of novel device concepts uniquely suited for low temperature operation.

[1] https://research.ibm.com/blog/100k-qubit-supercomputer


Cezar Zota is Staff Research Scientist and Master Inventor at IBM Research, at the Zürich research laboratory. He received the PhD degree in electrical engineering from Lund University in 2017, and joined IBM Research shortly after. His main research interests include cryogenic electronics, III-V high-frequency devices, and novel devices based on topological materials. He is the recipient of an Ambizione career grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, a principal investigator within the NCCR SPIN project, as well as the co-coordinator of the Horizon 2020 RIA-project SEQUENCE.