Call for Posters – SNC 2017

Dedicated poster sessions will be held at SNC 2017. Authors who are interested in presenting their work at SNC 2017 can do so during this session.

How to submit ?

  1. Register for the conference on this page.
  2. During registration, for the option “Are you submitting a poster?” »» choose YES.
  3. Insert your poster TITLE and ABSTRACT in the given text fields. Please respect the maximal number of characters for each (additional will be truncated)

You may list additional authors / affiliations in the field provided, in the format requested.


If you wish to present a poster, please register and provide your submission  before Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 17:00 CEST.


All authors will be contacted by email for notification of acceptance/rejection.

All accepted posters will be posted on this page approximately 2 weeks before the conference.